Sunday, July 23, 2006

Reviews of me.

Michael Broder gave me a review in H_ng M_n and it's kind a generous. I put it on my links in the margin. It's my second review and it's always so exciting to see what some one else thinks. Also kind of nerve wracking. You're always scared that they're gonna call you some freaky poetry hack. I'm uber paranoid, but still, it could happen.

Please don't call me a freaky poetry hack, please don't call me a freaky poetry hack, please don't call me a freaky poetry hack...

Monday, July 17, 2006


I've got some poems up on Coconut right now if you'd like to see some from the second book!

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Most things are easily undone.

I walk around being at one moment so overwhelmed with the beauty of the world,
so in awe of the gift we are given--then the next moment
I'm thrown into some pit of despair that only final rites can cure.

Do you think this is just a normal hormonal journal, or do you think it is insanity?

Or maybe it's just human. The human as a lovely experiment.

Anyway, today I am in awe, and there are lots of tiny birds around which always make me cheery.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What Fun! Viva Acentos!

Can we talk about how good Acentos is!?

We had a blast.

I brought some lady artists that rock hardcore:

Jennifer L. Knox
Trish Harnetiaux
Alexa Vachon
Melissa Finley

And Fish Vargas and Rich Villar rocked it old school with a wonderful open mic and a great, energetic crowd.

I tried to take pictures, but my camera failed at the last minute.

There was also a very very tiny puppy that the DJ said was "the official mascot of Latino Poetry."

So, I should add he was a very sexy, tiny puppy...with an attitude!

The DJ played awesome latino tunes and everyone danced on and off stage.

We had wings and guacamole, free shots of something yummy, and the we laughed and cried and played with the the tiny poetry puppy!

Go see Fish Vargas at the Nuyorican this Friday and rock out.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Acentos! I'm reading! Tuesday!

I've read here before and it's a great place, a great group of people and you'll have fun if you come.
The open mic before hand all has wonderful, fresh, and exciting readers/performers. Come up if you can!

Tuesday, July 11th @ 7:30pm
The Uptown's Best Open Mic and Featured Poet ADA LIMÓN

The Bruckner Bar and Grill
1 Bruckner Boulevard (Corner of 3rd Ave)
6 Train to 138th Street Station
Hosted by Rich Villar
FREE! ($5 Suggested Donation)

Coming from Manhattan: At the 138th Street Station, exit by the last
car on the 6. Take the exit to your left, go up the stairs to your
right to exit at Lincoln Avenue. Walk down Lincoln about 5 blocks to
Bruckner Blvd, turn right on Bruckner past the bike shop, the Bruckner
Bar & Grill is on the corner. For more directions, please call


I'm craving the small town I grew up in. I miss the smell of manzanita trees in the heat, oaks, and eucalyptus.

Instead I'm going to settle for an iced coffee and a walk to the McCarren Park to watch my softball team win.

The other day I was driving in Montauk and a friend said she loved Porsches and I said, "yeah, they remind me of Steve McQueen" and she said, "Really?"

I said, "Yeah, he had a lot of them and he used to race cars you know."

She said, "No I said, I loved porches."

"Oh," I said, "me too."

I want a porch.

And a porsche.

Friday, July 07, 2006


I saw this play last night. It's really wonderful. A one man show--and what a man he is! Seriously fabulous. I knew little about York (the only black man on the Lewis and Clark Expedition), but the story is amazing and beautifully done. Go see it if you can, it's only up until Sunday!

The Fascinating Story Of The Only African American On The Famed Lewis And Clark Expedition

As Part Of The Bicentennial Commemoration
David Casteal is "A whirlwind, A force of Nature, A Vital, Laughing, Raging Bundle of Muscle and Brain" – The Spokesman Review

June 9th, 2006 (New York, NY) 2003 marked the beginning of the 200th year commemoration of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Two years later marked the premiere of York by David Casteal and Bryan Harnetiaux, performance and African drumming by David Casteal, direction by Susan Hardie. Nearly 200 years from the conclusion of the journey, York will play in NYC at the 78th Street Theatre Lab (236 West 78th Street) in a limited engagement from Thursday, July 6th-9th at 8 PM. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased by calling Smarttix at 212.868.4444 or by going to .

From childhood to post-expedition, York chronicles the largely untold story of William Clark's manservant/slave who was the only Black member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition (1803-1806). York is a poetic antecedent to the African-American struggle post slavery. The play tracks York's spiritual journey from submissive slave who achieves mild celebrity to accomplished and outgoing frontiersman, and then ultimately to an archetypal Black American.

York premiered at Spokane Civic Theatre's Firth Chew Studio Theatre in Spokane, WA on April 29, 2005. York has since been performed throughout the Northwest at the invitation of various community, arts and civic-minded organizations, educational groups, and the National Park Service's Corps of Discovery II in conjunction with the National Bicentennial Commemoration of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

David Casteal's roles at Spokane Civic Theatre have included Jackie Robinson in Bryan Harnetiaux's National Pastime, Fences, and The Old Settler, as well as York. He was named Best Male Actor of the 2004-05 theatre season by The Inlander, a Spokane weekly newspaper, for his portrayal of York. David has also studied and taught African drumming for many years. He is the Founder and Director of the student drum ensemble Kuumba, and he teaches fifth grade in Spokane.

Bryan Harnetiaux is Playwright in Residence at Spokane Civic Theatre in Spokane. Eleven of his plays have been published, including commissioned adaptations of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.'s Long Walk to Forever, and Ernest Hemingway's The Snows of Kilimanjaro and The Killers. His play, National Pastime, was first produced at Spokane Civic Theatre and recently completed runs at Fremont Centre Theatre in South Pasadena, CA and Stamford Theater Works in Stamford, CT.

Susan Hardie has directed scores of productions throughout Spokane, including Death of a Salesman, Lost in Yonkers, Tartuffe and The Elephant Man for Spokane Civic Theatre.

A Small Bird

I saw a small bird today on the way to the gym. ( I was on the way to the gym, not the bird). But the bird had this enormous Cheeto in it's mouth and I decided I need to have a better attitude about the world. I'm gonna be more like that bird and take off a bigger bite.

Sorry it's been so long!

I needed to be very very quiet, and although I am still hunting the rabbit, I have determined to speak to my fellow woodsmen.