Monday, March 07, 2011

March Forth

There's been some blue on the horizon. Not the blues, but the sky is blue-ing, brightening. On February 21, it was one year since C died. Hard to believe. Feels simultaneously like five years, and five minutes. But, like she knew (more than we did), the sun keeps coming up and up and up.

I'm on Chapter 15 and the words come quickly when they want to, and not at all when they want to. I went to New York and loved it, I came back and loved it.

I go around this lake almost every day. On this day, it was March 1st I believe, the clouds made noise when they moved.

It's been raining. Sad songs and soup. And walks in the trouble puddle. In the rain there came reviews and interviews and news!

Interview with Me

Review of Sharks

Another Review of Sharks in the Brooklyn Rail

Another Review of Sharks

I read at San Francisco University and had a marvelous time.
i read at the Bowery Poetry Club and wow.
Spoke at San Francisco State University and my oh my.

The green on green action. The living things. I have gone into the place where green resides and blooming things. I am grateful and I am, also grateful. (Yes, those are the same words.)

"I believe in God, only I spell it Nature." Frank Lloyd Wright