Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'm reading tonight at my home town bookstore Readers' Books in Sonoma, California. Our local newspaper said I was a novelist. So, I've been walking around feeling like a novelist lately. Mainly that means I'm taller. Novelist are very tall, right?

If you're in town, come out:

130 E. Napa Street

I'm nevous.

This is the official first reading of the second book, and well, wish me luck.

I can't wait for 2007. What's going to happen next?

You're pretty.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Jennifer "El" Knox had our Christmas dinner last night and read every poem that made us love poetry in the first place. We were very nerdy (and maybe had some glasses (bottles) of wine). But she did give me one of my favorite shirts ever. I can't wait to wear it. This is what it says:

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Closing of Coliseum Books

On Friday I went to Coliseum Books and bought a ton of poetry (maybe bought their remaining collection?). But the whole time I was in there I kept thinking about the death of bookstores. I adore bookstores. Adore. I worked in my hometown bookstore Readers' Books on and off from the age of fifteen to twenty. It was my home away from home (and it was across the street). I learned the language of books there, I lived in them. It's still my favorite bookstore in the world. (The owners, Andy and Lilla, are like family and secretly I think I'll just move home and work there for the rest of my life. Drink wine. Read books. Go see movies and Sebastiani Theater and walk in the park? Okay.).

Walking into Coliseum on Friday, my heart just sank. So many of the great bookstores are closing and filing for bankruptcy. I want to put my little arms around the store and say, "Sorry. Sorry we Americans to read anymore. Sorry books aren't as important as TV. Some of us really love you. A lot."

A lot.
I got my boooo -ks, I got my boooo-ks (insert celebration dance here).


Life is hard, but books taste good!

I think reading your own book is like looking at naked pictures of yourself. It's really uncomfortable. And if you find one you like, it's STILL really uncomfortable. (But really, I've never looked a naked pictures of myself. It's a metaphor people!)

Pearl Editions did a great job. Merry Christmas to me!

Saturday, December 09, 2006


It's finally here! My second bastard child, my odd little boy:

is pleased to announce the publication of

this big fake world
--------------------a story in verse--------------------



80 pages, trade paperback, $14.95, ISBN 978-1-888219-35-7

"The poems are stunning-the real deal.
- Marie Howe

"This big fake world is not a mere nosegay of poems but a solid world
(as real as it is fake, as any good work of art should be), a poetry
of story and voice, a narrative of fracture and repair, that through its art
becomes a whole—and a whole new thing."

—Frank X. Gaspar,
2005 Judge

"Part domestic fairy tale, part urban grit, part exposé of how making
a living and making a life are often pitted against each other,
this big fake world is a sophisticated exploration of manners, marriage,
and the fragile bonds that desire both creates and destroys . . .
Ada Limón has a gentle touch, and an intelligence that is quick, kind, and
precise toward her deftly drawn characters . . . the lives and
language of this book are radiant emblems of a truly discerning mind and

—Tom Sleigh

Available for shipping DECEMBER 19th! (By Christmas!)

Click here and order now from Pearl Editions: