Monday, April 01, 2013

National Poetry Month, It Begins, It Beats, It Bellows

This year, we join the gang over at NaPoWriMo in yet another clumsy attempt at creating a draft of a poem every day for the month of April. Jennifer L. Knox will, very unfortunately, not be joining us, but Jason Schneiderman will! 

We ask only a few things from you:

1. Don't touch the wild poems. We ask that you kindly do not remove, copy, or share these baby poems on your own blog or website. (Even though it's awesome that you might want to!) Feel free to comment or share this link, but we take these drafts down after a bit in order to work on them, submit them to magazines, and put them in our books. 

2. Be gentle. These are drafts. We don't write a poem a day every month because it's really really hard. If you see something on here that you don't like or that isn't very good, both of those things are OK and we understand. Just don't judge us. 

Gulp. Here it goes.