Friday, June 29, 2007

The fruit is San Francisco grows incredibly large:

What does this sign mean? I know what a rip tide is, but the arrow doesn't make any sense to me. Great, another thing aside from sharks to be scared of..arrows.

Oh and the "ladies" grow incredibly large here too. My pictures didn't turn out so well of the bachelorette party. Ahem.

Now we're off to my hometown of Sonoma. Which is good, since it just started getting foggy here. Hopefully a name for the new manuscript might find me there..

Thursday, June 28, 2007


My darling Sarah's getting married this weekend to the lovely Chris, and it's wonderful. It's also wonderful that she's doing it in my home town so I have an excuse to stop in San Francisco to see my brother and his wife--see a ball game, eat a mission burrito, and toast to the bay.

I haven't written in days, but am working on the new manuscript. Right now I've been playing with titles and I think it actually might be getting to a place where I can show Knox so she can edit it (like only your best friend/poet can do).

In the mean time...

My brother cyrus always tries to get me to move back to the Bay Area:

So he takes me to my favorite street in the city:

I should really write a poem about this salsa at El Farolito:

Then he takes me to a Giants Game:

Then he tries to tell me how great the city is and how much fun I'd have here:

We'll see what he has in store for me next....

Monday, June 25, 2007

Friday, June 22, 2007

My mother is warning me about LIONS

Even though I am already scared of sharks.

And bears.

I've already assured her that I will fight back. As if an attack is inevitable

"No walking alone when you are home darling..."

Mountain lion spotted in Sonoma
Marisa Lagos, Chronicle Staff Writer

(06-18) 13:22 PDT SONOMA -- A mountain lion was spotted near Highway 12 in Sonoma this weekend, prompting officials to warn residents to keep an eye out for the large cats.The cougar was spotted about 2:30 a.m. Sunday in the area of Broadway and MacArthur Street in Sonoma, officials said. Arriving officers located the mountain lion in a parking lot adjacent to Nathanson Creek, police said, prompting it to flee into the creek area. Sonoma County Sheriff's officials notified the California Department of Fish and Game, which has jurisdiction over the animals. Officials are posting warnings along a bike path in the area, the Sonoma Overlook Trail and the Mountain Cemetery, advising people to exercise caution in the area and call 911 if they see a mountain lion. Mountain lions are left alone by state authorities unless they threaten people. If a property owner's pets or livestock are attacked, the person can apply for a permit to kill the animal.
There have been several sightings of the giant cats in Sonoma County in recent years, including in Healdsburg, Windsor and Santa Rosa. With the most recent sightings, officials warn against hiking or jogging alone, and suggest avoiding trails at active times for cougars -- dawn, dusk and at night. They also suggest keeping an eye on small children. If you see a mountain lion, officials suggest facing the animal and attempting to scare it by making noises and waving your arms or throwing rocks. If you are attacked, fight back.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Monday, June 18, 2007

New Poem

The Bird Knows He is Going to Die and Wishes Not To

She says it never matters about the blue jay on the electric wires, making its own electricity.
Saying those bright blue things, only a jay can say from his roost of rush and chord.

She says not to put the cart before the horse--
the heart before the course.

But when she moves so much light escapes.

He’s squawking to all the babies now and ruffles his tail feather like a quill—
she says she feels more and more like a broken telephone.

Some lost connection, some buried bone.

This little pearl of a bird, with so much noise in him, so much to say.

(Days now, she moves her chair to the window)

She’s probably in love with that blue bird. She’s in love with everyone.

She wants to know how it works, how one word can travel, how one blue
thing can scare up cobwebs and dust.

She says his name, but it’s not his name at all.

Come “danger,” come “danger,” come “wink” and come “lies.”

She is wearing her changeable season, she is shedding light like feathers.

“Take it easy on me,” she cowers.
But he cannot hear, he is moving too quickly on his wired-life.
He did not ask to be chosen, he only asked to be amused.

(the window closes)

He moves the wires like an earthquake,
he squawks the jigsaw sky, he feels out of favor and out of fashion,
and here he feels it again, the cells in his body growing older,
the feathers unfolding, my lord he is a mortal bird.

(falling and dying)

Come blue night, come quick and electric.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Oceanside Reading

So much fun. Lovely, nice crowd. I was given pizza (can't go wrong), and I sold all the books I came with.

Thanks so much to Tony Iovino and family for hosting me and inviting such a great group of people. I think there are some pictures to come.

I read poems from the books and then three poems I never read before. Read, "On Finishing an Ex-Boyfriend's 10th Book" "Advice for the Busted Among Us" and "Last Words" in terms of new stuff.

Nice to have them in the world.

Thanks Oceanside!

Now bath & bed.

Mystic is a Good Place

especially for boats and ice cream..

I feel like I haven't been home in years.

More Photos from Jill:

We were designated drivers the first night, because we are very responsible.

Then we decided we needed these the next night (turns out we really didn't)..but maybe they needed us?

Thursday, June 07, 2007

New Poem

{poem was here}

Reading, Monday, June 11th 7PM

I'm SURE that this is a long shot, since a bit out of the way, but if any of you would like to join me. This is where I'll be on Monday.



When: Monday, June 11th

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Place: The readings are held on Schoolhouse Green which is located on Foxhurst Road, Oceanside, New York (just east of Long Beach Road). Directions are below.

Admission Fees: There is no admission fee to the readings. We will be selling 50/50 chances which will be utilized towards our charitable endeavors.

What is this for?: The Kiwanis Club of Oceanside is dividing the proceeds of the funds received from our sponsors and the summer long 50/50 with the Oceanside Education Foundation. The Kiwanis Club of Oceanside sponsors numerous programs in the Oceanside Community geared for children and the under privileged. Our major use of the funds is to sponsor underprivileged children to a week long summer camp outside of Utica called Kamp Kiwanis. Each year we send upwards of twenty five children, fully outfitted.

Transportation: The Long Island Rail Road has a stop in Oceanside but I would suggest you use the Rockville Centre train station. We will provide transportation from the Rockville Centre train station to the Green and back (about a four minute drive).

Take the Queens-Midtown Tunnel at 34th Street to the Long Island Expressway (495); Expressway to the Cross Island Parkway south;
Cross Island to the Southern State Parkway, eastbound;
Take the Southern State to exit 17 south, (Hempstead Avenue);
Hempstead Avenue becomes Ocean Avenue;
Continue south on Ocean Avenue until Merrick Road;
Make a left on Merrick Road;
Make a right on Long Beach Road (there is a diner on the far corner, an Able Ford dealership on your left).
Take Long Beach Road down to Foxhurst Road (there will be Towers Funeral Home and a Commerce Bank at the corner)
Make a left onto Foxhurst Road– Schoolhouse Green will be on your right.

Regularly scheduled trains leave Pennsylvania Station for Rockville Centre. Information and tickets are available at Pennsylvania Station at the Long Island Rail Road booth.

Take Southern State Parkway westbound to Meadowbrook Parkway south.
Exit at NY 27 (Sunrise Highway) heading West.
Take Sunrise Highway to Long Beach Road (2 lights after a Lexus dealer, the next block after the Hess gas staition)
Make a left onto Long Beach Road.
Take Long Beach Road down to Foxhurst Road (there will be Towers Funeral Home and a Commerce Bank at the corner)
Make a left onto Foxhurst Road– Schoolhouse Green will be on your right.