Friday, April 16, 2010

Jason Day #16 (caught up!!!)

(was about drinking)

Jason Day #15

(was about Texas)

Jason Day #14

(was a poem of the factoid)

Jason Day #13

(was about love)

Jen's for the 16th

That's all she wrote.

Where do all the poems go?

Well, we put them in our pockets and our hearts and we fix them and fix them and fix them until they are really ready for an audience. This is fast and furious draft-writing. We need to go back and really work them for weeks, months, years and then we shall release them some day when they are all grown up and wearing their sexy dresses and wanting the keys the car and we'll stand at the door and wave and cry and hold each other and say, "It just all happened so fast!." Until then, more to come. Maybe even one today! Probably. Thanks a ton for reading so far. And for your awesome comments!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ada's for April 13


Jen's for Day #13


Quick Observation: Day 13 Check-In

I am writing with a lot of "ands."
I have said "fuck" and "fucking" in two poems!
(I never fucking do that.)
I am writing poems about horses.
I am writing poems about sex.
I am writing poems about death.
I am writing poems about grief.
So, sex, death, horses, and grief.
What have you done to me National
Poetry Month!?

Jason Day #12

(was about a house)

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Jason Day #7

(was about zombie e-mail)

Jen's for Day 7

Later, gator!

Jason Day #6

(more found poetry)

Dr. Ada's Day 7 Check-in on Mental Health

If I was a doctor or particularly, a therapist, I would observe that the most difficult thing about writing and posting a poem every day is that you cannot afford to censor yourself. Usually, if a poem comes out raw and unready, or could be embarrassing due to its tender subject matter, we can tuck it away for a month, or a year. During the month of April, this is impossible. We can't censor ourselves or protect ourselves from our own naked ideas. Because we are writing A POEM A DAY. This is why it is very difficult and, I think I can speak for Jason and Jen here, it leaves us feeling skinless in the wind. So, if you see us crumble here, it's because usually we can close the curtain... heal a bit before letting you all peak in. But not in April. In April we're naked in the window, probably crying, maybe laughing, and most likely torturing ourselves into a tizzy. Dr. Ada thinks this is actually good for us. Though it might not look or sound good to you. And not because poems are like therapy (I do not believe that), but because writing every day awakens those hidden parts, the parts that desire to be squelched, and makes them parade down the street in all their awkward glory. Tada!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Jen's for Day 3


Ada's for April 2

{poem was here}

Ada's for April 2nd.


Jen's for Day #2


Jason Day #1

(was a lullaby)

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Ada's for April 1st


Jen's for Day #1


National Poetry Month!

April 1st marks the first day of National Poetry Month. In a tribute to the month, many things will happen. First, there will be cake every day. Secondly, there will also be flowers. Lastly, there will be three first drafts of poems published here from me, Jennifer L. Knox, and Jason

These cannot, will not, be finished poems. Unless the skies open for a quick little miracle of art, one rarely finishes a poem in a day, or a week, or a year. BUT, as an exercise for's quite useful. We take them a away and fix them over the following year and sometimes they morph into really lovely talking pieces of paper!

So happy April. Happy Spring. Happy Poetry. Happy clumsy drafts of first starts of poems. Be easy on us. We post so that we actually complete them, but it's terrifying.