Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What Fun! Viva Acentos!

Can we talk about how good Acentos is!?

We had a blast.

I brought some lady artists that rock hardcore:

Jennifer L. Knox
Trish Harnetiaux
Alexa Vachon
Melissa Finley

And Fish Vargas and Rich Villar rocked it old school with a wonderful open mic and a great, energetic crowd.

I tried to take pictures, but my camera failed at the last minute.

There was also a very very tiny puppy that the DJ said was "the official mascot of Latino Poetry."

So, I should add he was a very sexy, tiny puppy...with an attitude!

The DJ played awesome latino tunes and everyone danced on and off stage.

We had wings and guacamole, free shots of something yummy, and the we laughed and cried and played with the the tiny poetry puppy!

Go see Fish Vargas at the Nuyorican this Friday and rock out.

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