Sunday, September 24, 2006

At long last - a post

Hola -

I've been sunk in a work whole all week and will probably be there for the next two weeks, but I thought I would say this:

The reading in New Haven was a blast. Jen and Shanna were fantastic and the bar was wild. Real low ceilings. You could hear people walking right on top of you.

Jen and I had some wine on the train. Then sandwiches on the way back. Nice, good looking crowd. I like Yale. I think I should go there. For free. And get a degree in kayaking or something.

I've been working on my website:

Yup. I'm learning how to do it on my own. Joel, my ex-boyfriend and computer whiz extraordinair taught me last weekend and now I'm still figuring it out, but at least I got a site!

It's really fancy.

I just finished my questions for Kate Greenstreet's first book interviews- on I hope I didn't sound to "mentally challenged."


Adam Deutsch said...

it's my new favorite website.

shanna said...

me too. :)