Sunday, May 27, 2007

Poetry News--American Poet reviews THIS BIG FAKE WORLD

I have a mini review in the new issue of AMERICAN POET.

Page 81:

"Less than a year after her debut, lucky wreck, Ada Limon returns with an equally spellbinding narrrative of love's endings and what may remain. Limon's world is sweet and weird......(nice words here). Everything here is in flux, transitioning between sadness and something else--perhaps disaster, maybe hope--guided by Limon's gentle shaping and lyric sophistication."

There is more - and it's a very nice review, thank you American Poet.

My favorite part is, "Limon's world is sweet and weird." How wonderfully true. I want to put that on a t-shirt.


Anonymous said...

great review. congrats!

shanna said...

it's true! go, lala!

Limonada said...

thanks Shanna!

Anonymous said...

The full review is great: "The world is trapped within a snow globe just waiting to be shaken. Limon carefully crafts this feeling through pacing, titles, detail, and metaphor. The poem "The Note He Does Not Leave" is immediately followed by "His Wife Leaves a Note and Our Hero is Quiet"

Then he puts in your poem. It's great. Congratulation.

kevin said...