Thursday, June 28, 2007


My darling Sarah's getting married this weekend to the lovely Chris, and it's wonderful. It's also wonderful that she's doing it in my home town so I have an excuse to stop in San Francisco to see my brother and his wife--see a ball game, eat a mission burrito, and toast to the bay.

I haven't written in days, but am working on the new manuscript. Right now I've been playing with titles and I think it actually might be getting to a place where I can show Knox so she can edit it (like only your best friend/poet can do).

In the mean time...

My brother cyrus always tries to get me to move back to the Bay Area:

So he takes me to my favorite street in the city:

I should really write a poem about this salsa at El Farolito:

Then he takes me to a Giants Game:

Then he tries to tell me how great the city is and how much fun I'd have here:

We'll see what he has in store for me next....

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