Friday, August 17, 2007

Reading Recommendations

I've been away. Well, not really. I've been at the office. I live here.

I need to get my head back in books. If anyone has any good poetry books or novels that I should read, well, I'll read em!




Anonymous said...

I hear the new Russo is great, but it's not out yet.

Adam Deutsch said...

I sent a little something over, but you'll probably need something really good.

Nicole Hefner said...

How about Henri Cole? Any of his books. Or The Road? Or Kawabata? Or you could be like me and pollute your mind with bridal magazines.

Todd Colby said...

I 2nd The Road. New poetry: Anne Boyer's Selected Dreams & Sandra Simonds The Humble Travelogues of Mr. Ian Worthington.

On a biography note the new Shelley bio Being Shelley (reviewed recently in the New Yorker) by Ann Wroe is a wonderful reinvention of the biographical form with the wildly contradictory Percy Bysshe Shelley at it's center.

Julie said...

Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers. I may be disturbed but I truly enjoyed it.