Sunday, October 07, 2007

Poetry Salon 1

So, last night was the first poetry salon at my house. If you weren't invited, don't worry, odds are you will be soon. I had to start small. The last time I decided to do this 50 people came over. And we didn't talk about poetry one bit.

So here's the few steps to making your own poetry salon.

First: Invite no more than 5 people

Second: Go to the farmer's market

Third: Make enchilades with tomatillo sauce

Fourth: Have a quick drink with a friend

Fifth: Talk poetry with your beauties

Topics covered:
Slam Poetry
Paul Muldoon as the new poetry editor of the New Yorker
Poems in form
John Hollander
Some gossip/NO NAMES HERE
Willie Nelson
Joni Mitchell
Other forms
Endings of Poems
The WORK of poems
New books
Jason's gorgeous manuscript
Jen Knox's new book
Small Publishers
Different publishers for different books
Possible titles for my new manuscript
Marion's great new work
Balancing work and work
Oh and much much more
And music
Manguso I owe you a CD!!

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Adam Deutsch said...

I really do need to move back to Ny, don't I....