Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Oh thank you poems, thank you InDigest. This one is for Jessica Yen.

The reading on Sunday was wonderful fun. More to come on that. But all the loveliest people in the world came out.

Thank you & besos.


Juan Medina said...

The 1st time I read this poem it kind of hit home for me in the sense that I had a close friend pass away a long time ago. I was never able to put that day into words for myself and it haunted me for years. so I gave up trying bcuz it the words were never good enough for him. This poem makes me remember the wild and careless days we had together but also the sadness and confusion the day he was murdered.

Nicole Callihan said...

O Ada, I love this poem. And you. And I wish I could have been there on Sunday. You're so on fire, you high wire treat. Much love.

Dustin said...

Ada, thanks for contributing, InDigest loves you, and I'm fond of your beautiful words.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. Thank you. I mean it.


David said...

ditto dustin's comment. Love, love the poems, and thank you from the bottom of InDigest's wee little heart.