Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ah the Process

I was asked recently about my process and the only thing that I can really say is for me it comes down to three things. Inspiration from the outside world, procastination from the inside world, and some down deep determination to get freaking better. I just write it over and over and over again.

Because when you're a writer, and you don't have these:

All you have is this:

First doodle:

Then free form babble:


And over:

And over:


Adam Deutsch said...

Is that one notebook holding each draft, or do different phases go in different books?

Limonada said...

hey you!

one notebook for each draft. one poem usually is six or seven pages of rewriting and rewriting. sometimes twenty. then the final one goes on the computer. where i revise and revise until someone tells me to stop.

JimK said...

Looks like a lot of pruning
from the babble. I am reassured!
A little more of each, methinks.
It's amazing how a piece can
sharpen on each cutting. I'm
just starting to keep drafts now,
as a reminder. Just one after
the other in the same
notepad/.txt file.
Takes a while to 'get acquainted'
with version A before
version B can be made out
of it. I got the book, BTW!
Will be seeing all the sites soon.