Sunday, February 03, 2008

Some notes on AWP

O.V.E.R. S.T.I.M.U.L.A.T.E.D

and loving it......

Went to so many wonderful readings, so many great panels. Said yes to a lot of new projects. Now, it's time to be quiet and I don't know..write.


Barrelhouse at KGB reading was awesome.

Illegal reading in the Chelsea Hotel was awesome.

Bloof, Coconut, & No Tell Motel Reading was awesome.

New word=awesome.

I got to tell you people, I'm excited with how things are going. You're all looking real good to me.


Nicole Callihan said...

You're looking pretty good yourself, hot stuff! Such a fun week. xoxo.

Adam Deutsch said...

It was so wonderful to see you. That's a great shot with my brother's eyes. I think he's lost in Knox's banter.

Kistulentz said...

That's a great picture of my back at Table Barrelhouse. Great reading, too.

Dustin said...

Ada it was nice to finally meet you, sorry I couldn't stick around, but I loved your reading (even though this comment is months behind schedule...)