Friday, April 04, 2008

Stranded & Humming

So, I'm stranded here. Well, not actually, but ATA went out of business and I had to shell out some mighty clams to find a ticket home on Monday. But that means my vacation has been extended, which IS VERY nice.

I've updated my website this morning while looking at the waves. New readings and reviews on there.

As for National Poetry Month Write More Challenge. This is the first year where I haven't done it. I have been keeping a journal and writing everyday, but not posting. I MIGHT change my mind. Mainly I miss writing with Jennifer L. Knox. She was my teammate for this shinding all the past years, but now, Miss Fancy Pants is writing beautiful poems this month on BLOOF BOOKS while the girls are on tour. Go see them! Say hi and bring them presents.

And Happy Birthday Deb Stein (one of my favorite people, and one of my favorite designers). You can buy me something here Bonbon Oiseau.

Readings I'd like to be at over the next couple of days:

The Bloof Girls: Shanna Compton & Jennifer L. Knox

April 4-5: IWU in Bloomington, IL

April 5: An Actual Kansas in Lawrence, KS

April 6: Murphy's Pub in Champaign, IL

April 7: Ball State & MT Cup in Muncie, IN

Alex Lemon's Book Party for Hallelujah Blackout

Minneapolis, Minnesota
April 5, 2008: Doors open @ 6 PM; show starts @ 6:30 PM
Book Release Party with Chris Koza
Bryant Lake Bowl
810 W. Lake Street
tel: 612-825-8949

Acentos at KGB

Saturday, April 5 from 7-9pm.

The people who brought you the Flashers events have joined forces with Acentos for a night of spirited words.

2-n-2: NY Writers Say It in 2

12 writers
1 room
2 pages
2 poems
4.5.08 7-9pm

* * *

85 East 4th Street
NYC 10003

But in the mean time. I watch the waves, look out for sharks, and do some homework in the sand.


Didi Menendez said...

What a great photo of you with the hat. Had dinner tonight with Jennifer.....

Didi Menendez said...

P.S. Do you have that photo in color 300 dpi too?

shanna said...

aw, i promise to have her returned to you (good as new) by the 11th! ;)
(& sorry about the shelled out clams--eek.)

Nicole Callihan said...

Stranded in paradise--only you, doll, only you!