Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Looking over my past year, I've just now realized that I've been to the West Coast once every month for seven months. It probably makes you think I don't love New York, but I do. So here are some New York postcards I made for you. I didn't get out that many holiday cards this year, I know you'll understand. But here, here are my cards. Merry Christmas. And peace. And light.

Here's my window I stare out of and try to be creative and, sometimes, try to breathe. When I'm blue, I pretend it's the cliff of a great shore and I'm pressed up against it in a small log cabin. And then I send you a note via the postman on a seahorse.

My train takes me to those I love. It's the Love "L" Train. I took this an hour and half ago while a whole brass band was wailing out in the subway echo. I gave them a dollar and so did this little girl next to me. We were both pretty excited.

I've taken this picture before, but this time it has snow. And snow doubles the magic. The first time I saw snow fall I was 17. Now I'm not 17, but I feel the same.

Bon Bon made me all my presents. And she makes lovely things. I'm bringing you things, or if I'm not going to see you I wish I was bringing you things. Mainly I'm sending you magic and light and these postcards sent by seahorse.