Saturday, October 16, 2010

17 Days Later

I've lived in California for 17 days now. I am 17 times different than I was and 17 times the same. My fridge is plugged in now and all seems to be getting into order.

1. I've gone wine tasting three times.
2. I walk up and down a mountain almost every day.
3. I drive everywhere. I have California plates.
4. I wake up when the sun comes giant, glowing my room.
5. I see my family, even a surprise visit from my father.
6. I think about things a lot.
7. I've given 2 readings.
8. I've written 1 poem.
9. I've driven to San Francisco twice.
10. I've eaten grapes off the vine.
11. I've met seven lizards.
12. I've gone swimming twice.
13. I've learned that my love is a good painter, we painted the kitchen and the bedroom.
14. I've learned that I am spatially challenged, I cannot see how things fit together (unless they're words).
15. I helped serve pancakes to 85 people.
16. I'm getting better with the dark, and all the spiders in it.
17. I'm getting better with the light, and all the light in it.


Debbie, Brookfarm Alpacas said...

Okay miss Limonada; by day 47 I hope that you will have made a drive across the valley to Sonoma Mountain for a visit. Perhaps dinner here with you and Sarah. Let's make a date.

Nicole Callihan said...

You sure look beautiful in that California air. Xo.