Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jason for day 13

Self Help

I'm taking a 30 day Journey to Kicking
the Procrastination Habit. I have learned
that many people procrastinate out of a belief
that their action is in conflict with their
value system. I do not have this problem.
I take great pleasure in every prompt
that is for the people who procrastinate
for reasons that I do not. My own problem
has to do with... I'm not sure. Yes, I overload.
Fear of Failure, true. Avoidance of confrontation
in the hope that conflict will dissipate,
also my problem-- and yet, that last one,
well, I'm sticking to it. I don't believe
in conflict. And the person who "confronted"
me, back in 2003, "to clear the air,"
was certainly not a procrastinator. But it
didn't clear the air. I carry a private grudge
I have only revealed when drunk,
which is often. So it's not so private.
Perhaps I should call her. I should say
remember in 2003, when you wanted to "clear
the air"? Well, all you did was steam it up,
and eight years later, I just wanted to let you know
that I've carried eight years of grudge
against you. Or I could put it off. I think
I can help myself, and put it off.

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