Monday, November 20, 2006

I think Walter is going to get his own series

Walter Gets Up for the 19,000th Time

Walter moved slowly to the mirror one day. His tail-feathers were a little less bright than usual. He tried to puff himself up. Make a man of himself. He thought of his earlier days when he was young and in love, he thought of the cold clasp of her clay-like feet. He pictured the beach and the watercolor waves. He wanted to go back there and tell himself not to waste time. To stand in front of the bird-dock and watch the bird-whales and tell her that he’d feed her forever, tell himself not to be so much of a fruitloop and a stopper. He wanted to know the ending to his life. He hoped he would feel better, more complete, he wanted to lick the mirror and still taste the salt of the bird-ocean, in his bird-life.

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