Thursday, November 16, 2006

So much fun = Palabra Pura

We had so much fun, Jorge Sanchez was wonderful and a great crowd showed up.

Everything was lovely, a great dinner, a strong and funny reading. I heart the fact that
I was even invited to read in this amazing series.

Thank you Ellen Wadey, Fancisco Aragón, and all the folks at the Guild Complex as well as the Poetry Foundation.

Now, darlings, it's late and I should go collapse.

Thanks Adam Deutsch for showing up from Urbana-Champaign and being fabulous and driving all the way! I hope you get home safely!

Thanks to Romnin for coming out and being my new pen pal!

Ooooh and to Another Chicago Magazine for coming out!

Thanks Chicago, thanks Moon, thanks stars, thanks bed, thanks pillow..........


Adam Deutsch said...

I got home, not-dead.

Limonada said...

Yay! I don't know many people who would travel 3 hours both way in a day for poetry, you're one of a kind! Hope my notes on your MS make sense, so many scribbles, so little smartness.

Adam Deutsch said...

Your scribbled are more than I could have expected. 6 hours on the road is nothing for this kinda feedback!

Francisco Aragon said...

Hi Ada:

I found the e-mail with your address. Mark my words: I'll put a care package in the post before flying to our beloved Bay Area next Tuesday. Thank you for your wonderful reading. We'll be in touch. FA

Limonada said...