Sunday, November 11, 2007



It's fun to be in a band. Even if it was only for last night's book party. Bravo Jenny! We may even keep playing together before I run off to the woods to go live by a river. I've learned a lot. First off, when you are in a band with three boys, two of them from the south, they have a lot of rituals. Most of those rituals include whiskey. Secondly, "After the Fire is Gone" really does sound better after you drink said whiskey.

Bloof Books:

Jennifer gave an award to Shanna Compton for best publisher. Shanna is the powerhouse behind Bloof Books and anytime we can give her kudos, well we should.

It was a parade of fun:

Everyone came out. So much fun. Yo-yo tricks. The Itar. Moving very slowly. Vvvvvvveeeerrrryyyyyy sllllloooooooooooooowwwlly.

Dear fun,

I enjoyed you. Perhaps I will have more of you later.

But let's be quiet for now.



mama bird said...

hey girl. it's kate lacroix. i loved seeing your face at the wedding. here's the link to my blog as well

Limonada said...

Hey darling! Loved seeing you too. Let's set up that reading in Boulder. I love that town. And you. And your beautiful girl.

Todd Colby said...

I so wanted to be there but I was stuck on the sick sink -- having ingested bad milk product at a local coffee house earlier in the day (I think) sigh.

Anonymous said...