Saturday, January 24, 2009

new one.

{poem was here}

{for Dustin, because he likes these brackets}

{poem} {was} {here}


Anonymous said...

This is really tight and great. And also I'm dying to know who it's about. Me right? It's me.


Mike Young said...

I really really like this poem!

K. Alfonz Vidal said...

Only when ripe, your limbs will become of taste.

David Luke Doody said...

Dustin asked me last night if that first comment was from me. Just so you know, it wasn't.

Love the poem, as I've already told you.

Limonada said...

Thanks D, M, K, and D. And don't worry David Luke Doody, I know that first comment wasn't you. That's Super Dave. Glad you liked it. Now I must squirrel it away to fix and tinker.