Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jason for Day 29 (but read Jen's 29 first)

[no more poem]


Jennie K said...

More than great. You look fanTAStic.

Julia said...

The spacing has to do with whether blogspot defines your spaces as plain old linebreaks or as gaps between paragraphs.

For this post, each line is tagged as its own paragraph in the HTML, which is why they're double-spaced. Those tags look like this (except with brackets so that it's not read as HTML here): [p class="MsoNormal"]line of poetry[/p].

In other posts, blogspot sometimes uses the [br] tag between lines, which is just a simple line break. If blogspot lets you put HTML into your posts, you should use that tag to control the spacing on your own.

I have no idea why blogspot switches back and forth.

Hope that helps!

JMH said...

It's great. I have no idea why. Chemicals? Nonono, it's because it's funny AND chemicals.

Piztachio said...

aha, a fun read