Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quick Observation: Day 13 Check-In

I am writing with a lot of "ands."
I have said "fuck" and "fucking" in two poems!
(I never fucking do that.)
I am writing poems about horses.
I am writing poems about sex.
I am writing poems about death.
I am writing poems about grief.
So, sex, death, horses, and grief.
What have you done to me National
Poetry Month!?


Anonymous said...

I initially read your final sentence as: "What have *you* done to National Poetry Month?" : )

Anyway... whatever NPM has done to you, I like it! You've posted some compelling pieces, as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for sharing them!


Emma said...

I agree with Evie! Some really compelling stuff.

Ada said...

Thanks guys, I really appreciate that you're reading them and thanks for not thinking we've completely gone off the deep end!