Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ada's April 6th!

The Extraordinary Event of the Ordinary Day
--For Trish Harnetiaux

I’m whistling
something atonal
and if I was listening
to my whistling
I’d surely be alarmed,
but I’m not.

I’ve found a catalog
of great things
left undone,
and I will begin to look
for the moments
I have missed.

The disasters in hindsight,
the elephants
marching in the mind.
O how I live in those
giant footprints. How long
it has taken me to notice
their large pounding
in the in my too-tight chest.


Limonada said...

This was supposed to be indented in parts, but I can't figure that out, sorry!

Anonymous said...


I found this (your blog) today (the 10th).

I chose this poem (in time) to say hi!

Because you posted this about the same time I was burying Bhajan in the garden.

He made it to 15. Not bad for a skinny street-cat from Sonoma.