Friday, April 14, 2006

This is hard!

I just needed to check in and say, wow, writing a poem a day is way more difficult than I thought. I mean, I'm loving it--and I LOVE to see Jen's every day, but I'm surprised how much time it takes to complete a poem (or complete it enough to post it). Everyone else in National Poetry Write More Month seems to rockin' it hard core, and don't worry, I'm not giving up! I'm just calling in to say, geez!


shanna said...

it is hard.

it's even harder to post them when they are so fresh.

oscar said...

you two are way braver than me!

Limonada said...

Hey guys! Yeah, it's like walking out of the house naked every time I post one. Very scary. But it's also really amazing to learn more about my own process, what I go to, lean on, when I'm stuck. It's really interesting (to me anyway)..

Simeon Berry said...

Well, the poems that you both are turning out are fantastic, and it's gratifying to to have fellow two-fers. For me, I figure that on the whole it will end up introducing some useful delirium and/or desperation into my process. Either that or the poems will get progressively smaller and denser until not even articles can escape. In the mean-time, thanks for contributing such awesome exemplars to the Monkey Robot Poetry Army.