Thursday, January 18, 2007


My father was my principal in elementary school. He was a very good principal (although some boys were pretty scared of him). When I was in third grade our teacher punished our class for goofing off by taking away our right to participate in "Anything Goes Day" (you could wear anything you wanted, i.e. ball gowns, baseball uniforms, top hats, leg warmers, a combination of all those things). She punished all of us even though it was really just the boys that were goofing off, none of the girls. So, I organized a strike. Yes, a strike. I made big signs and attached them to sticks that said, "Unfair Teacher." And a got a bunch of friends to march with me. We marched around the playground and shouted, "unfair teacher" over and over. My father still brings it up to illustrate how stubborn I am. I think it really made my teacher think about her actions. Oh and yes, while I was doing this, I was wearing a very pretty red Hawaiian muu muu.

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Anonymous said...

yay! didn't know that, but if i had lots and lots of time, i might have guess. cuz it sounds just like ya!