Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Years! (Back in New York)

First there was this:
(Ms. Knox & I)

Then there was this:

Everyone was wearing nice stockings and shoes:

Then there was this:
"Who's shirt is this?! Where am I?!"

Guests included the future poet laureate of the beat, the future president of all things righteous, the New York Times, designers, firestarters, the most amazing girl in the circus, the prettiest flower, the queen of champagne, bearded doctor man, big fish, darker image, blossoms, bunnies, my lord!

Man, that was fun! Thank you moving on. Onward and upward. Let's read a million books. And write a million books too.

Resolutions to come...


Anonymous said...

Y'alls is crazy!

Limonada said...

Happy New Year Adam!

Jules said...

How I wish I would have been there to wear my nice stockings and shoes. Love love, Jules

Limonada said...

Jules - you would have been the perfect addition!! Come visit soon.