Sunday, January 14, 2007

Party Shoes - Danced Out

All the harem came, including Jason Schneiderman, Michael Broder, Max and John (it's okay, they're girls too).

We decided these things:

One - We are going to make a cookbook

Two - We are all going to perform at Joni's Story Hole

Three - After awhile, you just can't dance anymore

Four - Sarah Manguso and Shanna Compton tagged me (physically) to do that 5 little known fact thing - so that's to come

It was a good night to wear these shoes:


Anonymous said...

Pale yellow Marc Jacobs pumps! Damn!

Anonymous said...

Cookbook? What a great idea! Jen really cooked her ass off! Between that and dancing her ass off she pretty much offed her ass for ever! My very favorite treat was the meat donuts (bluecheese filled dates wrapped in bacon, good God!!) And I must say the 'fuck me' shoe quotient at the party was way off the charts, of which you were queen contributor!! Thanks for the generous Storyhole cheerleading fancy lady. I cannot WAIT to hear what you choose to tell!!-xo-Joni