Friday, January 26, 2007

Recap-Book Party Love

Everyone came and was beautiful and lovely and I couldn't have felt more overwhelmed by all the goodness:

Some of the beautiful people were:

Hosts, Jennifer "El" Knox & Jason Schneiderman

(puppet stars: Our Hero, The Lady at the Hardware Store, Lewis, & Wife)

Trish Harnetiaux
Heather Grossmann
Michael Broder
Eric & Lis Sanders
Rigoberto Gonzales
Marion Wrenn
Michael Lopez
Jude Domski
Cindy Price
Sarah Manguso
Michele Kotler
Russell Carmony
Nicole Hefner
Greg Pardlo
Susan Brennan
Kaelea Sim
Alexa Vachon
Deb Stein
Jason Hurwitz
Cory Bronson
Nicole Stumpf
Jonte Edwards
Pam Norwood
Dawn David
Jen D'agostino
Erin & Michael Palmer
Wendy Mure
Katie Berry
Heather Kirkland
Ashleigh Lonson
Michele Terrebone
Will Brockmeyer
Melissa Finley
Bridget Profumo
Art Rotberg
and many other wonderful lovelies..

I heart you all. Thank you, thank you.

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Todd Colby said...

I was stuck at WORK! Ugh.