Monday, February 12, 2007

Reading Report: Ear Inn

First off - I DID have a Hot Toddy (okay, I had two).

Doesn't everyone look cozy?

Especially the cutest married couple ever, Jason and Michael? They look very cozy.

The readers - after we all traded for each other's books.

Nicole Hefner & I in the darkness of the Ear.

Christina Davis? Well, absolutely amazing. She read poems mainly about her father (who died recently) and they were just stunning. Incredibly well crafted and beautifully read.

Jennifer L. Knox - you know how I feel, she's one of my favorite poets in the world. She read some new stuff - funny, but they also make a shiver go up your spine.

Michael Broder - beautiful, lovely host. As always. We love you.

Thanks Ear Inn!

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Adam Deutsch said...

850 miles is far. I try to walk to the nearest subway, but I just can't seem to get there. le sigh.