Friday, February 16, 2007

Seems It's One Thing

I'm excited to see The High Strung tonight. I know it's 9:50 AM.

But, like most writers, I get excited by good lyrics. And this band has got some great ones. But I also love the fact that they tell stories. One of my favorite songs, "Seems It's One Thing" about a smart girl who works night and day to build "something great."

"She built the whole thing on her own
Modeled after her old home
And when her friends asked how it's done
She was confused, a little stunned.
She said, you know I'm really not so blessed.
It seems it's one thing, then the next,
It seems it's one thing, then the next, that's all.

And my favorite line - it's also really fun to sing along with this one:

"She was granted the MacCarther Genius Fellowship
The letter came with a gold paper clip."

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