Saturday, March 11, 2006

Airport Day! Airport Day!

Everyone's excited for Airport Day! I'm off to Seattle for the next leg of the tour. Taypee is going back to Brooklyn and I'm gonna miss her. I don't think I would have survived AWP without her. Not that I really "survived" it. But, I do still have my shoes.

There's so much I still want to see in Austin and at the conference. I love my publisher by the way. He kind of looks like my dad if my dad was white. But he's very helpful and kind. He's telling everyone about LUCKY WRECK.

(See, I don't really have that dirty of a mouth today--but Jen IS scared of me right now). I'm pretty sure she just has the fear though. Last night was rough and tumble weed. Lots of great poets and lots of cheap beer.

Jen just said, "Only YOU know what's fun for YOU and only I know what's fun for I"

I think that means she wants a taco.

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