Friday, March 17, 2006

Okay, So MUCH has happened!

Richard Hugo house was amazing. My younger brother counted twenty people, but I do think he was including a couple people who passed by the door and didn't come in. BUT we had a great time, my father introduced me and let's see who came:

Thea Lester (the Ms.Red in my poems)
Bonnie Francis
Matt Calcaveccia
Julie Calcaveccia
Sarah Hersman
Chris Cavanagh
Jenny Hersman
Sam Anderson
Kipp Barker
And lots of other lovely people who were really supportive and we were all glad my Dad and Cynthia bought WINE!

I sold 12 books, well, Bryce Limon, my little brother sold 12 books.

He's standing right next to me right now and really, he's not so little.

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