Saturday, March 11, 2006

AWP Re-Cap

Okay, so here's what happend, at first I didn't want to use this blog to name drop and list lots of things, but then I've come to the conclusion that that's what blogging is. So here you go!

List of things that happened:

-Matt Valentine was an excellent host at University of Texas. We got a free place to stay and he drove us around. AND we got a meal card too!
-Luke Michels showed up with his wife (dear friend I grew up with--hadn't seen him in 6 years and we laughed and drank and I think they might become very scared of poets).
-Met my publisher, Michael Simms and he's wonderful and looks like my dad
-Jen and I ate tacos
-Got the new issue of Painted Bride Quarterly which is gorgeous
(not just cuz I'm in it)
-We asked Shanna Compton for EVERYTHING. Including "Shanna where is my ass?"
-Marion Wren looked hot and wore a cowboy hat.
-Two people expressed interest in reviewing the book. Do it! Do it!
-We told UT students that they will never make any money as poets and I think they thought we were kidding.
-Jason Schneiderman gave an amazing reading that we were late for, but didn't miss entirely. His brother rocked our asses off.
-Dear friend Matty Rich showed up and brought the party and gave us all duct tape wallets.
-Friday and Saturday night, we hung out with Slaughter House Adam who brought a big bottle of wine and Jen said, "You'd look good in lipstick."
-Robin said that I'd be reading with Thomas Sayers Ellis in Bryant Park sometime this summer.
-Went to a great reading last night for LIT and loved every reader. And every Tecate.

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