Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A guest blog by Taypee

The Commanches o'ertook the wagon at dawn, at the scenic overlook mile marker 23, next to the Shoneys. Daddy took one in the shoulder and mama took one for the team. Daddy Jr. took one for free and I took the A train. They kept me alive so that I could testify to the awesome power of their weapons, their horses and their margaritas. They whooped my ass and came back for seconds. They said, "Owning two yorkies is like having squirrels in your house all the time. So shut up." It was hot. I love it when Indians tell me what to do. --Jennie K., Grade 4


lorenzo said...

don't think that I'm taking any part in this.

Limonada said...

But I love you Lorenzo, and I miss you! (More than Jen misses her parrot).